6 Reasons To Let Coldwell Banker Rizzo Mattson, Realtors Sell Your Home

With over 30 years of experience in selling homes, Coldwell Banker Rizzo Mattson, Realtors is in a great position to sell and market your home for sale. Using numerous online tools and in person networking, your property listing will reach a larger audience and have a better chance of closing under the management of our […]

Selling Your Lake House (or Camp)

Whether it’s affectionately known as the lake house, the camp, or some other name; whether it has a beach, a dock, or just a beautiful view; your lakefront property holds memories.  So when it comes time to sell, regardless of the reason, many emotions can surface. We understand the myriad of feelings that come with […]

Why Maine is the Perfect Place to Purchase a Home

“Maine is the perfect place to purchase a home!”  Of course people expect us to say that; we’re Coldwell Banker Rizzo Mattson, Realtors and real estate is our job.  But what if there were some sort of competition – a reality-type show where states competed for the prestigious ‘Best Place to Purchase a Home’ title? We know Maine […]

4 Things to Know on How to Price Your Home

I got into a conversation the other day about how easy life would be if it were more like the game of Monopoly.  Prices for properties would already be set and printed on a little card.  All houses would look exactly the same.  But then we quickly realized that in the Monopoly world, each house […]

4 Checklist Items for First Time Home Buyers

So you’re ready to buy your first home, and everyone and their brother has advice for you, right?  Here at Coldwell Banker Rizzo Mattson, Realtors, we know first-time home buying can be overwhelming.  For our agents here in Central Maine, real estate isn’t just a job; we chose this profession because we truly enjoy helping people through […]

Taxes vs. Community

When shopping for a home, focus on the growth of the community you will be moving into. If you have children, where they will go to school? If you are starting a family, where is the closest hospital? Once you determine the importance of these areas then take into consideration the property taxes for the […]

8 Tips for Selling Your Home

People are always asking us for a foolproof plan to quickly and easily sell their home.  In most cases, they’ve found their new home and are excited to move in, get settled, and start the new chapter of their lives.  But, they also want to sell their current real estate for top dollar proving that […]

3 Tips for Preparing Your Camp for Summer

One sure sign that summer is coming is the common theme on all the home décor magazines covers: Add Color to Your Camp, Country Cottage Chic, Rustic Relaxed Retreats.  It can be a bit overwhelming knowing it’s time to start preparing your camp for summer. One of the perks of this real estate profession is […]

Buying Real Estate? How do Homeowner Associations Work?

Investing in Real Estate is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. You’ve probably heard that before and a little research will show you right away there are many different avenues to look at. For a growing number of people, the maintenance free lifestyle of a home governed by the rules set out by […]

How to Get a Start on Spring Gardening

Signs of Spring are starting to show around the country; from singing birds to spots of bright colors as fresh green patches of grass begin to grow and colorful flowers start to make their presence known.  For those who live in more northern climates, such as Augusta, Maine or Central Maine, now is a great […]